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Our mission is to pinpoint the key issues and concerns faced by small to medium-sized businesses, to convince ownership to confront those problems and their real costs, to assist client management in developing and implementing the necessary programs, methods and procedures which will result in improved sales, profits and organizational effectiveness.


  • Business Analysis
  • Turnaround Management
  • Profit Improvement
  • Cash Management
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Refinancing
  • Succession Planning and Generational Transition of Ownership
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Bank Solutions

Profit Improvement Through Strategic Business Evaluation and Planning

  • Increasing employee productivity through evaluation and training
  • Through a solid inventory management process, increasing inventory turns will generate incremental profit and cash
  • Training, training and training
  • Proper daily and weekly controls in place to measure all key aspects of your business
  • Establishment of a PDP (Pre-Determined Profit) Plan
  • Implement PFP (Pay For Performance) Plan


Family Business Consulting

  • Is ownership spending enough time minding the business?
  • Are you putting profit maximization above all else?
  • Are you holding family members 100% accountable?
  • Are non-family members discouraged due to a perceived favoritism among family?
  • Do personal battles dominate the workday creating a hostile environment?
  • Are there too many family members on the payroll?
  • Are family members hired for positions they are not qualified for, simply because they are family?
  • Have there been clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all family members, as appropriate?
  • Have family members been properly trained or taught the art of management and accountability?

Turnaround Consulting and Crisis Management Services

  • Cash Generation and Cash Flow Management
    • Determine immediate cash flow needs
    • Gain immediate control of cash, increasing receipts
    • Drive top line revenue
    • Acceleration of collections processes
    • Renegotiate debt payments
    • Term out payables
  • Business Development
    • Sales Development – “Raise the Bridge”
    • Crisis Management – “Lower the Water”
    • Meeting and negotiating with banks, financial institutions, vendors and landlords
    • Eliminate non-profitable business segments or customers
  • Staff Management and Development
    • Employee evaluation, performance appraisal, performance metrics and rightsizing when necessary, including a focus on accountability processes for
    • ownership, management and staff
    • Employee education and training

Business Plan Development

  • Organizationally – Who will fill key roles?
  • Operationally – How will “We do, what we do,” and beyond?
  • Sales & Marketing – What is our direction, and how will we handle growth, new lines and foot print expansion?
  • What steps are in place to recruit, hire, train, retain and incentivize only the best?
  • What steps are you taking to ensure continuity and excellence in your absence?
  • Do you want to create an exit strategy?

Inventory Management and Tracking

Inventory Management involves a deep understanding and supervision of all assets and stock items within a business. Through a well maintained process of stock control, quality control and cycle counting, business owners are able to accurately gauge the inventory needs of both their business and their customers, in a perfect world.

  • How often does your inventory turn?
  • How does seasonality impact inventory control and turns?
  • How do customer requirements impact stock inventory?
  • How are you handling inventory costs, and how do you fund it?

Employee Evaluation, Appraisal and Performance Management

With a focus on establishing clearly defined workplace roles, and improving communication between ownership, management and staff, our focus is:

  • Establishing and communicating expected job roles and requirements between employees, management and owners
  • Creating evaluation techniques and guidelines for management to track employee success and areas for improvement
  • Developing incentives for increased employee productivity and time management through a pay-for-performance program
  • Teaching, training and setting timelines for development
  • Creating curriculums to foster advancement


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