JMZ Alliance Group guides and consults business entities once entering the public markets. We offer critical support and advice to expand our client’s internal development and operations. Our team is committed to improving the quality and performances of each client by offering an array of resources from business development, strategic planning, management advice, economic industry analysis and financial management. We are continually developing creative solutions to help our clients access the growing capital markets. As a direct link to Europe, China, and North America, our organization serves as a vehicle to allow companies to participate directly in today’s public markets.

Members of our team possess a working knowledge of the unique characteristics of business operations in the public markets. JMZ Alliance Group offers a comprehensive list of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our experienced management team will apply its resources to expand upon the market share of each company. Furthermore, we will seek to vertically integrate each company to increase market share. We have developed a diversified portfolio of companies operating within the European, U.S., and Chinese economy. JMZ Alliance Group provides investment capital and active management to enable these portfolio companies to thrive in their respective industries.

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Our advisory service provides private companies with the ability to succeed in the U.S. capital markets. Employing an experienced team which has been operating within this landscape since 2009, our organization possesses critical knowledge necessary for our client’s success.
Our advisory division provides services to European, Chinese and North American companies seeking access to the U.S. capital markets and to North American Companies seeking business opportunities in Europe and China.
JMZ alliance group offers a comprehensive list of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. A significant component of our competitive advantage lies in the quality of our personnel. Members of our team possess a working knowledge of the unique characteristics of business operations in the public markets. Charm’s is committed to developing creative solutions to help our client access the growing capital markets.
Unknown’s and business protocols present obstacles in the reverse merger endeavors. Our team offers valuable insights which effectively overcome barriers and costly mistakes. Our resources can lend experience and knowledge in a wide variety of services which are critical to the success of any company seeking to access the U.S capital markets.


Following years of public company experience, we now offer full service filing offerings in partnership with PubCo Reporting Services, Inc.  This service includes EDGAR and SEDGAR electronic reporting, Section 16 Ownership filings, XBRL conversion and transmission of all your filings to be fully compliant and up to date with the SEC and CSA filing requirements and regulations.

As a leader in delivering intelligent solutions in financial disclosures, Charms in concert with its filing partner PubCo is uniquely positioned to leverage proprietary technology to create robust, timely and accurate data sets.  Consequently, we are able to produce and distribute high quality interactive financial data and services to the investment community.

We offer the dissemination of company data and public filings for equities, mutual funds and other publicly traded assets.  To show you our appreciation for giving us the opportunity to satisfy your company’s filing needs, we are also offering a promotional free first EDGAR filing service for signing up for both our EDGAR and XBRL services.


Complimentary Partner Services:

• Form ID’s

• Updates to EDGAR profile

• Generation of proofs

• Test filing

Services for JMZ Alliance Group

Management Services

• Follow on M&A Strategy Planning and Analysis
• US Capital Market Management
• Investment & Strategic Planning
• Financial Management
• Structured Investments
• Equity Investments
• Secured Loans
• Corporate Asset Evaluation
• Assistance in GAP Accounting
• Alliances & Partnerships
• Investor Relations
• Edgarizing
• Transfer Agents
• Portfolio Diversification


Advisory Services

• Advice on Acquisition of Public Companies
• Advice on Merger Structure
• Coordination of Professional Resources; Legal, Audit
• Business Consulting Services
• Business Development Support
• Advice on Corporate Structure
• Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Consulting
• Valuation Analysis


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